Hi, and thanks for visiting!

I don't yet consider my apps to be ready for general public use, although I think they're pretty useful. But please feel free to try out my demos and let me know if you'd like to use any of them. Perhaps you could even help me make them better by suggesting new features. :)

Budget App

My first app. Made for my brother. Soon after I began coding, when I didn't know much at all, he wanted something to help him budget when income is unpredictable.

Building this app was one of the main ways I learned to code. It was challenging, probably because I had to learn everything as I was going, and doing everything for the first time. (My other projects have often felt pretty easy compared to this one.) But not only that, we didn't really know what we wanted it to do-we've spent so much time trying to figure that out-and we didn't know much about budgeting. :)

"Budgeting for people who don't know how to budget" might be a good way to describe this app. ;)

But we've been using it for quite a while now, and I reckon the basics work well, and the filter is very powerful. There could still be a long way to go till my brother is really happy with it, though.

Homeschooling App

An app for homeschools. It has a really cool feature I like to call the 'robot.' :) It responds to commands and provides an easy way to navigate the app, for example, by going to John's classes in response to 'j c.'

Lists App

I've tried a bunch of todo apps over the years, but haven't been satisfied. Workflowy was my favourite and I did love it, but I still wanted it to do more. I didn't really know what it was I wanted, so I started by building something with much the same functionality, and then tried adding different things from there.

I don't yet consider it a finished product, but it is now my favourite todo app I've tried. It has helped me feel much more organised. I have used this app to build this app. :)

Thrive for Life Chiropractic

A website for my brother's chiropractic business. Pete (my brother) decided on the content and aesthetics, and I created it.