Hi, and thanks for visiting!

My apps aren't available for public use, but feel free to try out my demos.

Lists App

Unsatisfied with other todo apps out there, I built this one. It has helped me feel much more organised. I have used this app to build this app. :)

Move App

I was using a workout app that I wasn't really happy with, so I built my own.

Budget App

My first app. Made for my brother. Soon after I began coding, when I didn't know much at all, he wanted something to help him budget when income is unpredictable. Building this app was one of the main ways I learned to code.

Demo is currently unavailable, sorry.

Homeschooling App

An app for homeschools. It has a really cool feature I like to call the 'robot.' :) It responds to commands and provides an easy way to navigate the app, for example, by going to John's classes in response to 'j c.'

Sorry, demo is currently down due to moving to a new server, so it needs an upgrade.

Thrive for Life Chiropractic

A website for my brother's chiropractic business. Pete (my brother) decided on the content and aesthetics, and I created it.