Team Treehouse. My first experience of learning to code was with their free trial. The term 'coding' was still new to me and if it wasn't for them I may not have begun the wonderful journey of coding.

Code School and Laracasts, where I have also learned to code.

The generous people who contribute on stackoverflow, the forums at Laracasts and Team Treehouse, and who share their work on GitHub.

My brother Pete, for thinking up a real project for me to make, for his patience, and brainstorming.

My mum, for getting excited when she sees what I can create, and for brainstorming.

Val, my mentor, for changing my life. You can read my reviews for him here. And you can read our Codementor success story here.

Codementor, for providing the circumstances for my life to be changed.

Nish, for the support and friendship.

The following technologies/services:

God, for bringing the joy of coding into my life.